It’s Valentine’s Day today, probably the most bullshit of all bullshit holidays – I include New Year’s Eve and Arbor Day in this list. But hey, maybe you want to celebrate this holiday for real because you haven’t had sex in awhile. If so, might I suggest making your sweetie the following (available from Archie McPhee):

This dessert says “baby, I love you and I also understand basic human anatomy” and I don’t know a boy or girl who wouldn’t smile upon being presented this in a bowl. Ok, so maybe some people would recoil in horror, but you won’t know that until AFTER you give it to them. My suggestion? Keep the following Pez dispenser as a backup, it is guaranteed to get you sex:

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3 Responses to VDay

  1. theybege says:

    I remember seeing the heart mold when I was at archies. I dont remember the alian pez despenser.

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