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Dangerously Cheesy

All I have to say is: I want one. Advertisements

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D'oh! Nuts!

Someone brought doughnuts to work today and they put them in the lunchroom. The thing about doughnuts is they are so delicious and at the same time they are so light and fluffy that I could eat a few of … Continue reading

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To Mars and Back

I’ve been avoiding writing about my experience with the Taste of Saskatchewan festival that happened two weeks ago, but I think I am finally ready to share my experience. Things started out innocently enough. That Guy I Know and The … Continue reading

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Sports Bar Parking

I went out to lunch on Friday with some people from work. And then I saw this: So to the asshole who parked across TWO handicapped parking spots without a fucking tag on their review mirror: I understand that you … Continue reading

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I Graduated From Station Place University

The Gnome has a few notes to add regarding yesterday’s post. First, I now realize that my entire restaurant rating point scheme doesn’t make a bit of sense. In the future I will probably just assign things in a more … Continue reading

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Super Fantastic Breakfast Restaurant Showdown Happy Fun Time!

I love breakfast foods and when I went to Saskatchewan this weekend I had two very different breakfast experiences. Now, I’m a really nice person so I always go into a restaurant with an open mind, which is why each … Continue reading

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I Can Taste Saskatchewan Already!

This weekend The Gnome is travelling to a strange and mysterious land with That Guy I Know. That’s right; I’m talking about Saskatchewan, specially the city of Saskatoon. Of course, it wouldn’t be a vacation if I wasn’t looking for … Continue reading

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