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And people wonder why I have lost all hope in humanity: P.S. I know, there is a lot of annoying spam on the site. And…it…just…won’t…stop! Feel free to continue mocking it and I will continue to remove it. Advertisements

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Tofu Snafu

Recently my sister has become a vegetarian…and I have no one to blame but myself. We were making shake-n-bake chicken (and she helped!) and I wanted to remove the skin first. However, the skin peeling experience so traumatised her that … Continue reading

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Sweet, Delicious Hamburger Justice

Guess what came in the mail for me yesterday? Yes, despite my fears that I would never actually receive a free hamburger coupon it arrived only six days after my angry email. Not bad Wendy’s, I’ll give you that much. … Continue reading

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The Great Rice Embargo

Times are tough; the world is going through a recession (at least that is the story that the media continues to shove down everyone’s throat). Life has even been affected at work for The Gnome as well. My office has … Continue reading

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Anthropological Studies of the British Variety

Last night, I went hunting through the cupboards of my parent’s house to see what I could find. Without further ado, The Grouchy Gastronome proudly presents the following findings: First up is a packet of food colouring that once contained … Continue reading

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Give Peas A Chance

I think it’s time to step away from my totally justified rage towards fast food restaurants and focus on something a little more peculiar. Of course I am talking about my parents. Being British they cannot help but store all … Continue reading

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The Response

Guess what was in my inbox today? Why an email from Wendy’s Canada! Let’s read shall we: Thank you for taking the time to send us your comments. As a valued Wendy’s® customer your concerns and observations are very important … Continue reading

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